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Youth sports is one of the GREATEST activities a young person can be a part of. Youth athletes get to experience many things that are healthy, productive, satisfying and experience emotions that are at times heartbreaking , or euphoric, but always REAL! Youth Baseball separates itself from all other team sports. Baseball is a game that makes it nearly impossible to blend in or hide. When it is your turn to bat, no one can help you. When the ball comes your way in the field you have to try to make the play. Every baseball game you play in, will be a test of how hard you worked leading up to the game. There is no way around it. A lifestyle of training is not evidenced in money spent, but rather on things seen in a player each time they take the field for a game….humility, preparedness, confidence and the enjoyment seen on a players face....These are a show of the work put in when NOONE is watching. The next level for YOU is ALWAYS achievable. Train to achieve that next level.

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