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As a kid I spent most of my free time playing sports. Although I played alot of organized sports, the majority of that time was unstructured.  I was simply having fun.  One thing I loved was hitting putts into my dad's small rubber golf cup. Growing up I spent many hours hitting straight putts across our carpeted living room floor. I never actually played "real" golf until I was a junior in high school.  At that time I began to train hard, and was thrilled to have an opportunity to play golf at the college level. A major reason I was able to play at that level is due to the fact that I did not need alot of time to get good around the greens. Even though it never felt like work, all that fun I had hitting putts into a rubber cup was actually "training" me to have a great feel with the putter.  It translated into success on the golf course!

Fast forward to 2015 - I wanted to make a putting aid for my dad as a gift. I experimented with different designs and eventually made a very cool device that led to the invention of the 3-In-1 Golf Cup.  I submitted an application for a US patent which was granted in 2019. Bringing this product to market during a global pandemic has been a challenge but manufacturing is now underway.  My family and I are happy to say the 3-In-1 Golf Cup is MADE IN THE USA!  

As a longtime coach, I recognize that sports have become big business, including youth sports.  Structured and expensive training is the norm.  There is no doubt that this type of training and expert advice has its place in getting you to the next level, but it should not replace simple, fun, and unstructured "training."

At 3-In-1 Golf our goal is to help provide you with fun and simple training tools that you can use anywhere, anytime at an affordable price!  The 3-In-1 Golf Cup is far more effective for training than the rubber cup I used as a kid!  We are so happy to offer this tool to golf enthusiasts of all ages and wish you nothing but fun and success as you develop a lifestyle of "training."


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